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Sikari Luxe Qualified Opportunity Funds are the leading and premier Qualified Opportunity Funds provider in the United States. Expertly advised by some of Tampa’s best. Find out how Sikari can help you defer your capital gains tax for 2018.

Be sure to ask our expert about: 

  • How our IRS Qualified Opportunity Funds could help you with up to a 100% capital gains tax deferment.
  • Qualified Opportunity Projects Sikari is currently using the Opportunity Funds to invest in.
  • How your gains in our Opportunity Funds could be tax free growth.

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Investing In Qualified Opportunity Funds

Qualified Opportunity Funds

Opportunity Zone Risks

  • First, THE OPPORTUNITY IS NEWLY CREATED, and final regulations have yet to be issued, which, when issued, may impact the Fund in unanticipated ways
  • Second, to take advantage of certain tax benefits, regarding the exclusion of future gains, investors must hold their investments in the Fund and the Fund must maintain its status as Qualified Opportunity Fund, for 10 years
  • Third, the Fund’s Manager intends to comply with the requirements of Section 1400Z of the Code which may adversely affect the timing or structure of exit from investments or the success of those investments.

Also be noted, articles featured on this website are for informational purposes only, written and produced by Sikari Luxe. Accordingly, this is not an offer to sell nor a solicitation to buy Sikari Inc Opportunity Zone Stock. Specifically, that can only be done by our current Confidential Private Placement Memorandum (“CPOM”). Securities offered by Sikari Inc. For accredited Investors only. Limited liquidity.  In addition, the shares being sold in this offering have not been approved or disapproved by the Securities and Exchange Commission or any state’s securities division. Nor has the Securities and Exchange Commission or any state securities department passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of the CPOM or the disclosures provided therein. Hence, any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense.