Orlando Qualified Opportunity Fund

Status: Open To Investors

Type of Fund: Stock (Class A 1:1 Common)

Asset Classification: Multiple Projects

Total Fund Size Authorized: $400M

Total Fund Stock Available: 400,000,000

Total Fund Stock Round A: $400M

Amount of Fund Spent: $0

Current Fund Equity: +$0

Current Total Investments: 0

Active Potential Investments: 2

Fund Administration: NES Financial Services

ENTREX Symbol: 

Tourism powers the local economy 24 hours a day and the impact of tourism is undeniable. This year alone, as a result of the outstanding efforts of tourism marketers, Hillsborough County has prospered with $6 billion dollars in economic investment. Almost 50,000 people in our county work in tourism and tourismrelated fields. Without the efforts of our industry, each resident would have to pay an additional $760 in local and state taxes. That’s why we have worked diligently and creatively to activate our brand and develop Tampa Bay as a desirable destination for both leisure travelers and convention business, garnering increasing attention for our high quality of life and unique mix of history and culture.

In 2014, I announced the company goal of reaching $30 million in Tourist Development Tax revenue for a single year by the end of 2017. Thanks to the strength of the past year, we are on the path to meeting that goal. That’s $600 million in taxable hotel revenue. Reaching that goal will establish us into the select ranks of Florida’s High-Impact Tourism counties.
-Santiago Corrada President, Visit Tampa Bay

Tampa is quickly growing into a premier destination. The demand has steadily been rising over the last decade. We see the revitalization coming to live in YBOR City and believe that Sikari LUXE will quickly become the premier opportunity investor.

We look forward to your indulgence into Sikari LUXE and to hopefully expanding you into our Sikari LUXE family.